WP1 D1.1Project Work Plan (PWP)M1UPM
WP1 D1.2Kick-off MeetingM1UPM
WP1 D1.3Final MeetingM23UPM
WP1 D1.4Final Project ReportM24UPM
WP1 D1.5Final Project Quality ReportM24UPM
WP2 D2.1Theoretical Revision ReportM4UPM
WP2 D2.2MethodologyM8UPM
WP2 D2.3Methodology PresentationM8UPM
WP2 D2.4Design of Serious GamesM13UPM
WP2 D2.5Users GuideM13UPM
WP3 D3.1Exploitation StrategyM8ALTUM
WP3 D3.2Training ReportM10ALTUM
WP3 D3.3Testing Phase MeetingM16ALTUM
WP3 D3.4Testing Outcomes ReportM22ALTUM
WP4 D4.1Measurement Software Metrics ReportM3OULU
WP4 D4.2Automated System ReportM7OULU
WP4 D4.3Online Portal Utilization ManualM10OULU
WP4 D4.4Automated Summary System Report with Initial Test ResultsM22OULU
WP5 D5.1Dissemination PlanM1MILITOS
WP5 D5.2Platform Development and ReportM23MILITOS
WP5 D5.3Dissemination Material and Social Media M6MILITOS
WP5 D5.4Final Conference ReportM23MILITOS
WP5 D5.5Dissemination ReportM24MILITOS